Futerro at the 5th European congress of Polymeris

PLA - Polymeris - Futerro - Plastic Congres S3

Futerro is invited to assist the 5th European Congress on Eco-plasturgy and sustainable, intelligent, and safe plastic materials organized by Polymeris.

Polymeris is a competitiveness cluster for rubber, plastics, and composites that brings together companies, research laboratories, and training institutions in a clearly identified area and on a targeted theme.

This year’s theme highlighted the technological and business opportunities in the field of eco-plasturgy

Our expert, Geoffroy Delvinquier is a guest speaker during the session “RECYCLING - END OF LIFE SESSION” and plan to analyze the end-of-life options for a PLA-made product and will explain the Bio-RENEW-ability concept of PLA.

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