What is RENEW™?

it is a biopolymer made from a mix of…

What is RENEW™

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1. From CO2 to Sugar


Photosynthesis is a process by which green plants can transform greenhouse gases into valuable biological products. During photosynthesis, light energy is captured and used to convert carbon dioxide into organic compounds such as sugars.

2. From sugar to lactic acid

Sugar to Lactic Acid

Fermentation is a biological process in which specific compounds are transformed into other compounds without oxygen presence. In lactic acid fermentation, sugar can be transformed into lactic acid by microorganisms. In our process, we use only natural and non-modified bacteria to ensure high levels of safety and to stay aligned with our values.

3. From Lactic acid to RENEW™

Lactic acid to renew

Thanks to our patented technology, the lactic acid produced from sugar will be transformed into a long chain (also called polymer) of lactic acid which finally becomes RENEW™, the first bio-RENEW-able polymer.