Solutions provider

At Futerro, we know how difficult it seems to switch from an existing economic model to a sustainable one. That is why our engineers and scientists are fully involved with you during your ecological transition. Thanks to more than 30 years experience in biopolymers and PLA, we provide a wide range of support.

You have a specific idea for a new and innovative RENEW™-made product? You can directly reach our team for support. Futerro provides planning and fine-tuned management of your studies to ensure the consistency and success of the projects entrusted to us. Transparency to our clients is a priority: clear management documentation and communication, dynamic risk management and accurate and efficient information escalation.

Our quality standards allow us to manage our full-service studies centrally, ensuring smooth communication between our clients’ departments, Futerro and other centers of expertise involved in our projects.

laboratory analysis


You are used to use current oil-based polymers such as PS, PET, PP or PE and are reluctant to switch to RENEW™ ? Our laboratories, equipments, expertise and dedicated specialists are here responding to all your technical questions and characterize your needs.



You are looking for a dedicated RENEW™ grade for very specific applications or need a partner to develop a breakthrough innovation linked to bioplastics? You can contact our team directly to qualify your project and provide support.

recyclability testing


You use RENEW™ but add compounds and you want to recycle them? You can send us samples to be assessed by our dedicated LOOPLA® specialists who will directly analyze the feasibility of your project in the laboratory and in production.


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