What make RENEW a unique biopolymer?

Green chemistry, which seeks to be as efficient as nature, is gradually taking hold. Bio-RENEW-ability is not only a concept, but also a way of thinking that we want to promote to all our customers and partners.

Today, everybody realize well that pollution leads to significant costs for our environment and our economy. Therefore, we, at Futerro designed a unique product, RENEW™. It is the only biodegradable polymer made from natural renewable raw-materials and fully recyclable thank to our breakthrough technology, LOOPLA®.

With RENEW, your products will be designed from nature and for nature. By selecting RENEW as a new ecological alternative, you are making a commitment to our environment, the earth, and our own common future.

How to select the perfect grade for your application.

Our product names are easily understood and selected for the right applications and properties.

Futerro RENEW® grades

renew schema grades
Grade table


Futerro's RENEW® portfolio is divided into 2 main parameters:

  • The melt flow Index
  • D-Lactic Acid content

Futerro, green by design