Values & Commitments


Our vision

A world where bio-RENEW-able products are the new solution in our daily lives.

Our mission

Help our customers to replace plastic solutions from the past with a bio-RENEW-able, and eco-friendly bioplastic solutions for today and the future.

Our corporate culture focuses on 6 strong pillars shared by our partners and customers.

INNOVATION: We have always been driven by innovation We shall pursue it in R&D and in all departments where it represents an original approach to solving our customers’ problems.
SUSTAINABILITY: With our bio-RENEW-able polymer made from biomass and recyclables we help reduce our customer’s carbon footprint.
RESPONSIBILITY: With our responsible technology, we contribute to solving environmental problems.
RESPECT: We work with respect for all our stakeholders in their diversity and ensure an ideal environment where they can evolve with the company
PASSION: never ending passion to disrupt the businesses of the past promoting the advantages of Bioplastics.
INTEGRITY: We work with integrity in all our relationships both internally and with all our partners.

Innovation is in our DNA

Innovation is our DNA

With the development of our bioplastic over the last 30 years, Futerro has demonstrated that innovation is a key pillar of our strategy and our culture. Futerro is the only company in the world which masters the entire life cycle of PLA.

Our links with the industrial environment

Nowadays, the world is intent on reducing our impact on the environment. As such, numerous initiatives are being taken, for today and tomorrow at both a European and International level. These initiatives aim to:

  • Promote low carbon emission industries, products, and life cycles,
  • Increase the role of bio-based products in our daily lives,
  • Increase the share of recycled materials in our daily lives

RENEW™ is a product fully aligned with these 3 goals, aimed at creating a better future.